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Plein air Painting as a dedication and profession. Serious entrepreneurship and messy palettes, pictures, videos.. >> Enjoy!

Click 'Read More' under each photo to find the Painting, Scene pics, and Palette pics. Enjoy!

Morning Sun & Ice20200214115154

Morning Sun & Ice

I Love Frost. I’ve always have had a love for the Dutch scenery, always looking at the horizon, in a...
Fog & Snow20200212155101

Fog & Snow

Misty, Windy & Cold. I forgot if it was November or December but boy I was so happy seeing the s...
Night Falling20200210132002

Night Falling

Catching Moments. I used to paint mostly around morning and midday, but the odd hours fascinate me m...
First Light, Frost & Ice20200210114733

First Light, Frost & Ice

Between Dark and Light. This is a painting I forgot to include here in my blog. And as we haven̵...
May You Find Rainbows – Standing behind an easel :)20200102175701

May You Find Rainbows – Standing behind an easel :)

Painting Rainbows. For the new year, I wish you the same awesome moments I was so grateful for, havi...
Happy New Year! (Sunset Kiting is the …)20191231214904

Happy New Year! (Sunset Kiting is the …)

Happy 2020! A New Year, “Out with the old and In with the new!” Wishing you a wonderful ...
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