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Plein air Painting as a dedication and profession. Serious entrepreneurship and messy palettes, pictures, videos.. >> Enjoy!

A Summerish Autumn Day – Zeegezicht20181109171556
Seascape The Wonders of Grey – Zeegezicht (sold)20181106171012
Seascape Weather Changes (sold)20181103170609
Seascape Blue Bright Sunny Day – Zeegezicht (sold)20181101165627
Painting Clouds (sold)20181027154938
Painting the Fleeting Sun20181024181006
Seascape Evening Sun Beach (sold)20181021033425
Super Sunny and Red Shirt (sold)20181018173425
Seascape Sunny Day (sold)20181016023425
Seascape Cloud Reflections (sold)20181012213426
Evening Sky Seascape – Zeegezicht (sold)20181010033425
Seascape Sunset and Horse – Zeegezicht20181008163426
Seascape Warm Day & Kite (sold)20180921073425
Flying Kites with Sunset! (sold)20180831154525
Seascape Striped Parasol20180828153425
Seascape Figures – Zeegezicht (sold)20180825153425
Seascape Sunny Morning (sold)20180822202000
Seascape Cloud Reflections – Zeegezicht (sold)20180819153516
Seascape Early Morning Beach (sold)20180816163516
Seascape Paddling – Zeegezicht (sold)20180813153516
Cloudscape Evening20180602184500
Seascape A Day for Swimming (sold)20180530154800
Seascape People in Afternoon – Zeegezicht20180527174700
Seascape Summer Windy Day – Zeegezicht (sold)20180523173000
Sunny Shoreline – Zeegezicht (sold)20180521151000
Seascape Summerish Beach – Zeegezicht (sold)20180518174700
Seascape Warm Spring Day – Zeegezicht (sold)20180515152849
Summerish Shoreline20180512162544
Light Breaks Through the Clouds Seascape – Zeegezicht (sold)20180509171122
Seascape Storm – Zeegezicht20180506154537
Rainy Day Benefits (sold)20180504181609
Sunscape Clouds (sold)20180502165927
Seascape Clouds & Storm20180430141241
Sunny Morning Seascape – Zeegezicht (sold)20180428142522
Seascape Rain and Sun – Zeegezicht20180426170251
Seascape Grey Day – Zeegezicht20180424160905
More Violet! (sold)20180422180510
Reds and White20180421145534
Violet Red White & Yellow20180420182519
Painting Irises20180419170014
Peonies in Sun (sold)20180418150910
Lilac and White (sold)20180417164437
Savoring White Roses20180416152404
White Roses20180415172751
Painting Red Roses20180414162951
Still Life White Peonies (sold)20180413152500
Floral Still Life20180412213858
Painting Flowers (sold)20180412095911
Painting Coral Peonies (sold)20180409021805
Painting Roses (sold)20180406075829
Painting Peonies20180405085605
Seascape Grey Spectacle – Zeegezicht20180322162300
Seascape Clouds- Zeegezicht20180223164700
Seascape & Sand Effects- Zeegezicht (sold)20180222164600
Seascape After Rain – Zeegezicht20180221211500
Cloud Reflections – Zeegezicht20180215164502
Seascape in Storm – Zeegezicht20180211160938
Seascape Horses and Grey Beach – Zeegezicht (sold)20180210190334
Seascape Pink Cloud – Zeegezicht20180210114630
Any Weather is a Go – Zeegezicht20180121154300
Best Skies Before or After Rain! (sold)20180119163500
Seascape Cyclone – Zeegezicht20180117212500
Sunset Seascape – Zeegezicht20180104184600
Happy New Year – Fireworks20171231174501
Sunrise & Snow20171230205013
Morning Colors Snow (sold)20171227182444
It’s Snowing20171225163907
Snow & Evening (sold)20171223155531
Nocturne Snow Landscape (sold)20171221181847
Happy with the First Snow20171219171828
Seascape Sunny – Zeegezicht (sold)20171208103800
Yellows Enter Blues and Purples20170518160243
Japanese Orchid Shade and Light20170516143415
Overcast Pleasures Tree and View on Grays20170514133833
Nighttime Lights Marina20170512174628
Old Town Sky – Golden Line20170510164158
Golden Light – Marina Morning View (sold)20170508145018
View Through Trees – San Diego Harbour Drive (sold)20170506141015
Nocturne ‘Palm Trees and Lights’20170504161854
Seascape ‘Fascinating Creamy White Clouds’20170428171854
Seascape ‘Bad Weather and Surfers Glory'(sold)20170426171854
The Color Blue20170424171854
Seascape ‘Dog Running Walker and Light’ (sold)20170422173053
Garden View Sun and Snow (sold)20170420111545
Sunny Morning at the Beach (sold)20170407153950
Morning Brightness and Birds (sold)20170404144415
Sunrise & Snow (sold)20170331143419
Evening Sun and Snow (sold)20170329145559
Sunrise Snow – Color Notes20170326154809
Patterns of Grass and Snow Remains20170323154816
Trees and Sunrise (sold)20170321142623
Snow and Sun – Shades from Trees (sold)20170319154539
Sun Through Trees and Snow20170319134352
Snow in Bright Morning Sun (sold)20170318134504
The Color of Snow Before Dawn (sold)20170310142818
Snow & Overcast Weather20170308202515
Totally Not Expected This20170306163346
Beach Painting December (sold)20170228200659
Beach Painting November (sold)20170223200659
Beach Painting October (sold)20170216200659
Beach Painting September (sold)20170209200659
Beach Painting August (sold)20170202200659
Beach Painting July (sold)20170129142220
Beach Painting June (sold)20170127141629
Beach Painting May (sold)20170125015712
Beach Painting April (sold)20170123145430
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