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Plein air Painting as a dedication and profession. Serious entrepreneurship and messy palettes, pictures, videos.. >> Enjoy!

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Painting Dunes and Kite20190817153900

Painting Dunes and Kite

Freedom to change things. Painted in the same week as the previous painting this is ‘Kids, Sun...
Seascape Viewing from Dunes20190815164500

Seascape Viewing from Dunes

In the Morning Light. Here dunes in the morning light. A thick atmosphere above the ocean was making...
A Play of Color & Light20190812110200

A Play of Color & Light

Seascape ‘Kites and Play of Light and Shade on the Beach’. This was a fun painting to cr...
Sunny Beaches Filled With Color20190811184500

Sunny Beaches Filled With Color

Sunny Beaches Filled With Color: Parasols! I was busy painting different subjects at the time it was...
Seascape Summer Beach – sold20190810192200

Seascape Summer Beach – sold

A Summerish Beach. A Summerish view! Here I painted the colors of the morning light. The shades work...
Seascape Palm Trees in Evening Light – sold20190721151000

Seascape Palm Trees in Evening Light – sold

Golden Evening Light. Then here is the last one with palm trees in, ‘Palm Trees in Evening Lig...
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