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Plein air Painting as a dedication and profession. Serious entrepreneurship and messy palettes, pictures, videos.. >> Enjoy!

Click 'Read More' under each photo to find the Painting, Scene pics, and Palette pics. Enjoy!

A Summerish Autumn Day – Zeegezicht20181109171556

A Summerish Autumn Day – Zeegezicht

A Play of Light and Shade. You might have seen this one before on social, but my/these blog posts in...
Seascape The Wonders of Grey – Zeegezicht (sold)20181106171012

Seascape The Wonders of Grey – Zeegezicht (sold)

Or “Allowing Risk of Getting Soaked in Return for Great Rewards!” Below in this blog pos...
Seascape Weather Changes (sold)20181103170609

Seascape Weather Changes (sold)

And Changing the Painting with it. Here the weather quickly changed from Summerish to threatening gr...
Seascape Blue Bright Sunny Day – Zeegezicht (sold)20181101165627

Seascape Blue Bright Sunny Day – Zeegezicht (sold)

Blue Bright Sunny Day. Find the palette and scene pic in this blog post, most posts show this inform...
Painting Clouds (sold)20181027154938

Painting Clouds (sold)

Painting Clouds in the Morning. This one was created at a beautiful moment in the very Very early mo...
Painting the Fleeting Sun20181024181006

Painting the Fleeting Sun

Painting a Sunset on the Beach. All steps in How to Paint a Sunset are explained here in a PDF: http...
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