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Roos Schuring

I have been painting professionally most of my life. My main subject is Landscape. Like many, I started as a studio painter 🎨 I'm in my forties now and these last 17 years I've dedicated to painting 'en plein air' only. I love standing 'eye to eye' with my subject matter to capture the swift passing moments of absolute beauty. Light and Color fascinate me most.

For me Teaching = Inspiring Artists to have the same Freedom in Painting as I have found over the years
Teaching About Painting

When you can Grow the Confidence & Trust in your Creative Process: Shedding Fear of Failure, letting Experiments in, making your Own Rules, Allowing your unique Style to Appear, Painting can become 'Happy Painting' Fastest. Your Painting Development then becomes a Joyous Ride with Lots of Masterpieces along the way.

Happy Painting to You!

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Gallery Artacasa - Amsterdam - until August 1
Gallery Raadhuis - Eenrum - Starts in August
Gallery Annee - Haarlem - July 21/August | Nov-Jan
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Cloudscape Evening

Beach Cloudscape in Evening Here below you see pictures from the scene. Soon I will carve out more time to go ...
Seascape A Day for Swimming (sold)20180530154800

Seascape A Day for Swimming (sold)

A Day for Swimming. It’s a fun experiment to either go ‘all dark’ with your colors or to go ...
Seascape People in Afternoon – Zeegezicht20180527174700

Seascape People in Afternoon – Zeegezicht

Lots of People Afternoon Bright View Some people think I work fast.. it’s often that I work slow, or too...

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