Roos Schuring
Landscape Painter

I aim to Inspire & Motivate Painters with Stories, Imagery, Text, and Video.


Since I started teaching via video we've recently celebrated our 600 students mark! It's great to empower artists this way. I share all I know about Painting in my Video Courses.


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Latest Posts - Stories From the Field:

Days with Clouds20190916155952

Days with Clouds

Light and Shade. Maybe all landscape painting is about Color and Light, or it’s about Lig...
Autumn Moments at the Beach20190914165603

Autumn Moments at the Beach

Clouds, Winds, Light & Kite. A great one where I wanted to capture the light on the ocean. ...
Seascape Summer Day20190912155453

Seascape Summer Day

Summerish Moments. These Summer moments on the beach deliver very different paintings compared ...