Stories From the Field:


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Seascape – Colors for Sunset – sold20191007163718

Seascape – Colors for Sunset – sold

Failing and trying again. The night before I failed at painting the sunset. A scraper. The next even...
Painting the Sky20191004171000

Painting the Sky

Exhilarating. When I studied Graphic Design a long time ago, during a low moment in class in tears I...
Patchwork of Colors20191001165000

Patchwork of Colors

Painting the Early Morning Beach. When I’m with my class on the beach I often recommend lookin...
Seascape Light Effects to the Max – sold20190929170600

Seascape Light Effects to the Max – sold

Chance of Rain? Go out and paint! A great moment of absolute strong sunlight. It’s great when ...
Fascinating Reflections – sold20190926160200

Fascinating Reflections – sold

Bright Sun Reflection. Often I look for 1 single thing that is the reason or hero or motivator for a...
Seascape Sun and Rocks20190924164500

Seascape Sun and Rocks

Bright Sunlight and Rocks in the Evening. Here I’m standing on the pier. This view could have ...
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