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Look at Those Clouds20200727145630

Look at Those Clouds

Beauty in Every Moment. Clouds in the afternoon, it can get so pretty. You know I love the rays they...
First Views – Reflective Water20200722123428

First Views – Reflective Water

Light & Dark. This painting was part of my morning demo during my MasterClass at the beach. A mo...
Accentuating Reddish Light20200719133105

Accentuating Reddish Light

Summer and reds. A wonderful sunny day, sometimes there’s so much red in a scene. Especially i...
Clouds and Light – A Turbulent Scape20200717162618

Clouds and Light – A Turbulent Scape

Winds & Sunshine. Feeling the winds through the hairs! Forgetting about all of the problems, it&...
Morning Sky Effects – Darks & Lights20200712170506

Morning Sky Effects – Darks & Lights

What to do with (too much) rain or thunder? We entered the beach seeing this, dark clouds and the go...
Morning Pier Smoke20200704164345

Morning Pier Smoke

Waking Up Early. You’ll see the double meaning. I have a rant below :) About Painting:  ItR...
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