Stories From the Field:


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Morning Sun & Ice20200214115154

Morning Sun & Ice

I Love Frost. I’ve always have had a love for the Dutch scenery, always looking at the horizon, in a...
Fog & Snow20200212155101

Fog & Snow

Misty, Windy & Cold. I forgot if it was November or December but boy I was so happy seeing the s...
Night Falling20200210132002

Night Falling

Catching Moments. I used to paint mostly around morning and midday, but the odd hours fascinate me m...
First Light, Frost & Ice20200210114733

First Light, Frost & Ice

Between Dark and Light. This is a painting I forgot to include here in my blog. And as we haven̵...
Painting Cows and Clouds20191125121000

Painting Cows and Clouds

Are you a fusser too; ) This was painted in Spring, the cows were out again, great Spring skies full...
Cows and Willows20191123155005

Cows and Willows

Keeping Track… Here it’s mid Summer, almost end of Summer, the willows luscious, full, t...
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