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Painting Flowers

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Red Double Leaved Tulip20200501074125

Red Double Leaved Tulip

Seeing = Feeling. Like fire! So red! Started this one when it was still in the garden in full bright...
Narcissus in Backlight20200430144125

Narcissus in Backlight

Colors of Morning Light. Back at the ol’ place. Because of C⚡Vid I avoided the back garden, it...
Painting A Dandelion Seed Head20200429140914

Painting A Dandelion Seed Head

Exciting subjects! Making it fun. It’s good to test if you can create something out of a ̵...
Lathyrus Flowers20200428140811

Lathyrus Flowers

Lathyrus! A present from a friend, these Lathyrus (sweet peas). They sell these by the side of the r...
Big Red Tulip in Oils20200427143303

Big Red Tulip in Oils

Red Tulip. So red can be painted in gouache of course. I have a red tulip in gouache here. Though I ...
Painting a Rose in Gouache20200426151745

Painting a Rose in Gouache

Roses Are Difficult! No secret there! This time I wanted to paint a rose in gouache. Benefits are th...
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