Stories From the Field:

Cows & Land

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Painting Cows and Clouds20191125121000

Painting Cows and Clouds

Are you a fusser too; ) This was painted in Spring, the cows were out again, great Spring skies full...
Cows and Willows20191123155005

Cows and Willows

Keeping Track… Here it’s mid Summer, almost end of Summer, the willows luscious, full, t...
Painting Cows and Trees in Backlight – sold20191117163950

Painting Cows and Trees in Backlight – sold

The Process. Aw! The process! This painting was recorded as a full-length demo! Most of my circle ha...
Painting Cows under Grey Sky20191115170323

Painting Cows under Grey Sky

Dark skies are your best friend. A threatening sky. Before I knew what I wanted to paint I walked ar...
Painting Cows – Before Milking Time20191113164954

Painting Cows – Before Milking Time

What to focus on first? A lovely see-through, though the clouds were fast-moving, it was grey from t...
Painting Cows on a Sunny Day20191101154201

Painting Cows on a Sunny Day

A See-Through. This painting took long, long!! But it was worth it. (Find the Step by Step below in ...
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