Stories From the Field:


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Seascape Sunrise III20190718173400

Seascape Sunrise III

Full-Color Sunrise. Here’s lots going on. The clouds, movement, the full rainbow almost, the t...
Special Seascape20190715171000

Special Seascape

Evening Rain Entering. This is a special one because of how it was created. Being in our little hous...
Seascape Ocean, Clouds, Light20190713184500

Seascape Ocean, Clouds, Light

Ocean & Clouds. It’s so good when your day starts with clouds in the sky, it makes everyth...
Seascape Ocean Sunrise20190711165200

Seascape Ocean Sunrise

Golden Clouds. I’m hoping you’re liking these posts so far! I have a few more to come. H...
Seascape Mountains & Palms20190709165000

Seascape Mountains & Palms

Purple-Blue Pleasures. • Fun how taking 10 steps further or back, 5 steps right or left delivers suc...
Painting the Sun and Ocean Reflection20190707093500

Painting the Sun and Ocean Reflection

– Summer Special has started! • Save on All Seascapes Visit: July 6-...
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