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Yellows Enter Blues and Purples20170518160243

Yellows Enter Blues and Purples

Yellows enter Blues and Purples – Marina at Dawn San Diego. Most of you know I teach and preac...
Japanese Orchid Shade and Light20170516143415

Japanese Orchid Shade and Light

Alcazar Garden – Japanese Orchid. Here below a video about the painting day in Balboa Park. I ...
Overcast Pleasures Tree and View on Grays20170514133833

Overcast Pleasures Tree and View on Grays

Overcast Pleasures. I call this ‘Overcast Pleasures’ because that’s what it is. Th...
Nighttime Lights Marina20170512174628

Nighttime Lights Marina

Earliest Morning View – Nighttime Lights. Tedd joined me in painting the earliest of early mor...
Old Town Sky – Golden Line20170510164158

Old Town Sky – Golden Line

Old Town San Diego. This could be painted anywhere :) I know. I started a great painting in this Sta...
Golden Light – Marina Morning View (sold)20170508145018

Golden Light – Marina Morning View (sold)

High Key Gold. I’ve added 50+ more pictures extra in these 8 posts about the #pleinairconventi...
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