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Sun & Sky

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Happy New Year! (Sunset Kiting is the …)20191231214904

Happy New Year! (Sunset Kiting is the …)

Happy 2020! A New Year, “Out with the old and In with the new!” Wishing you a wonderful ...
Seascape – Colors for Sunset – sold20191007163718

Seascape – Colors for Sunset – sold

Failing and trying again. The night before I failed at painting the sunset. A scraper. The next even...
Seascape Sun and Rocks20190924164500

Seascape Sun and Rocks

Bright Sunlight and Rocks in the Evening. Here I’m standing on the pier. This view could have ...
Sunset Kite Time – sold20190910165352

Sunset Kite Time – sold

Painting the Sun Setting. As always: you can find the scene and palette pictures here in the blog po...
Seascape Sunset at the Beach20190908131001

Seascape Sunset at the Beach

Every time it’s different. Just as you’d expect commonalities painting the same view sev...
Seascape Kiting After Sunset – sold20190831165400

Seascape Kiting After Sunset – sold

After Sunset near the Pier. A special one called ‘Kites and Evening’. Here the sun is al...
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