Stories From the Field:

Sun & Sky

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Sunset Kite Time20190910165352

Sunset Kite Time

Painting the Sun Setting. As always: you can find the scene and palette pictures here in the blog po...
Seascape Sunset at the Beach20190908131001

Seascape Sunset at the Beach

Every time it’s different. Just as you’d expect commonalities painting the same view sev...
Seascape Kiting After Sunset20190831165400

Seascape Kiting After Sunset

After Sunset near the Pier. A special one called ‘Kites and Evening’. Here the sun is al...
Seascape Beach Tennis20190825164900

Seascape Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis at Sunset. Aw, it’s a difficult subject and it’s true, every time I’m...
Seascape Ocean Sunrise – sold20190711165200

Seascape Ocean Sunrise – sold

Golden Clouds. I’m hoping you’re liking these posts so far! I have a few more to come. H...
Painting the Sun and Ocean Reflection20190707093500

Painting the Sun and Ocean Reflection

This is Seascape ‘Sun Strokes, Clouds and Ocean’. Painting the Sun just slightly after s...
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