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Sun & Sky

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Seascape Ocean Sunrise20190711165200

Seascape Ocean Sunrise

Golden Clouds. I’m hoping you’re liking these posts so far! I have a few more to come. H...
Painting the Sun and Ocean Reflection20190707093500

Painting the Sun and Ocean Reflection

– Summer Special has started! • Save on All Seascapes Visit: July 6-...
Seascape First Sunrise – sold20190703174500

Seascape First Sunrise – sold

Painting at Sunrise. Each day I wanted to paint the sunrise, I succeeded about 3 times in catching t...
Painting the Fleeting Sun20181024181006

Painting the Fleeting Sun

Painting a Sunset on the Beach. All steps in How to Paint a Sunset are explained here in a PDF: http...
Seascape Evening Sun Beach (sold)20181021033425

Seascape Evening Sun Beach (sold)

Sunsets! As you can see in all scene pics I include in these blog posts, I only work outdoors, often...
Seascape Sunset and Horse – Zeegezicht20181008163426

Seascape Sunset and Horse – Zeegezicht

Sunset Beach. It helps when there is something passing by or standing out, like a horse in this case...
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