Lathyrus Flowers


A present from a friend, these Lathyrus (sweet peas). They sell these by the side of the road. Pretty!

And not an easy flower to paint. It took 2 mornings to get right.

These days I can more easily put it away to finish it the next day. We tend to get tired or just ‘blind’ to what we create after a few hours.
It’s good to proceed with fresh eyes.

This one is singing from light. Great when this happens. I deliberately had put a few dark ones in.
You probably also need morning light for this. Or evening light. You know which one is better if you’ve been reading here :)

FL08-2020 Floral Painting ‘Lathyrus in Light’
Roos Schuring, oils/panel, 20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8″ x 10″ (available)
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 The light can be so bright, it can almost hurt your eyes.

I do like to view my painting in shade, so you can make a shade situation. Either with an umbrella or just by blocking the light on the painting. I had put a box behind the painting so the light didn’t shine on it. Because when it does, it will be harder to see those slight nuances of color you apply.


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