Painting Coral Peonies (sold)

Painting Flowers – Those Peonies!

Peonies, well I certainly couldn’t get enough of them. They’re a joy to paint. These were all painted out of doors, and I didn’t set a dark background, like paper or cardboard, just used what was behind it, wood or space. Often I tried several color approaches for the background, at first I made them dark.

(I will share these Floral results for 1 week more, then I’ll show again new Seascapes.)


FL04 Floral Still Life Painting
‘Coral Peonies’

Roos Schuring, gouache/panel, 20.3 x 25.4 cm | 8″ x 10″

Available Paintings here

painting_flowers_4‘Coral Peonies’

They’re blooming in May/June, perhaps they’re in stores earlier than that. I like the odd ones, last year I found for example a bordeaux colored one, so intens red, so dark. I think you can be painting flowers and sit and paint and enjoy the outdoors from Spring to Autumn, going from the Crocus to Narcissus, to Tulip, to Peonies, then Roses and all Summer flowers.


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