Sunny Narcissus – Gouache

Painting 2 Narcissus.

I continued working in the same light, in the morning. Normally I look for a backlit situation, here this also happens, but it’s the other side of the house, which funny enough delivers a different light effect.

Here the light stays ‘paintable’ for just a few hours. After I need to shift the full set-up to the left, left, left, to be able to get ‘an almost similar view’. Obviously, changing, moving the set-up doesn’t make it easier.

When the light shifts you can’t add the different (new) parts of light and shade. These then change the total too much.

Here I started with just one. But felt it needed a second one, almost at the end of the painting I stuck an extra narcissus in.

FL04-2020 Floral Painting ‘2 Narcissus in Gouache’
Roos Schuring, gouache/panel 24 x 30 cm | 9.6″ x 10.8″ (available)
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(midway in I stuck an extra narcissus in, compo felt empty, this is a larger size.)



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