Failing is a Given


Some Paintings you’ll Win Some you’ll Loose

–>One Question to Ask

I’ve gotten a lot of questions in my mailbox recently, yes because of the Video Trainings, all asked a question I cannot answer.

There isn’t a list, a color list to solve each problem. There is no 1 way, no 10 ways to paint snow, a sunny seascape or a gray day, but yes 1000000.000000000000.00000infinite ways.

You should ONLY ask yourself “What color do I see?” “Why do I see it” “What makes that color that particular color?” “Do I see that actually right?”

And then not waste any time on that BUT mix it, in a hurry. That’s why paintings from photos can (I say CAN) get sucky because the colors from the photos are incorrect. Not like “We See”.

Mixing is Math.
Mixing is a LOT of Trial and a LOT of error.


–>No Gain without Failure and Risk Taking

Fail Fast. Fail some More. Admit the failure :) And do better. Failing can be Fun. We can and may change things up! BUT it has to feel true. Otherwise the painting will fall apart, being untrue.

You will train your Eye. You will train the Mixing.


–>It’s A Game we Need to get Used to

Tomorrow we will start the MasterClass again, and peeps get their hopes up O SO high. But it’s the Game we need to get used to. The Match. The fact that it will Keep on to be Difficult. And Luckily it Does! Otherwise you would get Bored Fast!

I hope they will be Wise. They will hang in there. Not get angry at themselves, or me for that matter, because Painting Is Just Not Easy.

We’ll see :)



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