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Being a Painter in Today’s World


Hi to you, great you tuned in! Today I found out my interview with Eric Rhoads, or do I say Eric Rhoads’ interview with me was published, reason for a happy dance!

After I spent 6 hours getting my WiFi to work while in deadline mode as my “Thank you Sale” has started and the pages are not optimized yet, oh well.

Here to tell you the WiFi is steady again, and here’s something for you to enjoy:

As a child I wanted to become a painter. Proud being a painter from a small country to have such appreciation from all around! In a way this day marks the dream becoming a reality. Thanks to all of you out there, having sent me notes of appreciation. It all helps!
To you I can say: Self Belief. Believe in yourself. Persist on your journey. The dream is the indication you should follow it. Then you’ll be able to self-actualize. Self belief, maybe Trusting Yourself comes first. Trust your development. No one’s born a “great painter” and Great Painters don’t think of themselves as such. It’s just Practice. And the fascination. You’ll be fumbling around, just as we all are from time to time, or years in a row. –Part of the Deal! Believe!

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I talked about these painters: Willem Roelofs and Jan-Hendrik Weissenbruch
From Weissenbruch I love this quote, it’s in all my books:

J.H. Weissenbruch (1824-1903)
“Als ik van iemand geleerd heb de natuur te zien, dan is het van onze oude meesters,
maar het meest van de natuur zelve. De natuur heeft mij altijd geweldig aangegrepen. Geweldig!”

“I remember that, as a boy visiting our museums, I stood in front of the paintings of the old Dutch masters, completely stunned by the way which they had made nature speak to you. Our old masters, more than anyone, taught me how to look at nature. But of course, nature itself taught me most.”




Roos Schuring

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