Seascape Sunny – Zeegezicht (sold)

Kids in Sunny Afternoon and Kites

Back to Blogging! It’s been far too long and I know of course. In the coming weeks I’ll show new Seascapes from Summer and Autumn. Here is one of my ‘favs’. Here all 4 parts come together nicely. (Parts sky, water, sand and figures.) The air is breezy, light, kites in the air, white foam and clouds bring movement in this sunny scene.

I’ve also put this painting on the new Art Calendar for 2018. I’ll provide a link below in this blog post to the shop.


SSU01 Seascape Plein air Painting
“Kids in Sunny Afternoon and Kites”

Roos Schuring, oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″
(sold)Paintings in Shop

Beautiful sparkly days. Going home with the memories in paint!





My new online gallery is finally done.
This time I wanted to try out something new: the Shopify platform.
– Because it integrates well with other systems, like Facebook and email systems
– Because it’s Fast loading!
– Because it’s all Mobile optimized built (Shopify & the theme), Swipe & easy browsing.
– Better navigation & shop/checkout Experience
All in all good reason why I deleted the one I had here, built with WordPress + Woocommerce. I did delete the old one a bit too quick: building the new site took longer than expected.


I could in time go back to the old system. You never know.
I think it’s important to have the mindset to not want to build something ‘perfect’ that will last for decades to come, because times will always change, design will always change, processes and systems will always evolve. So there really is no ‘1-right-way-which-forever-will-be-ok’. You will have to test a lot, diving in, to see what you can do with a choice, and take some risk: investing time in it. in other words: you won’t know if it was worth the effort until after you’ve gone all-in. You can read about different website platforms, but you can’t really foresee everything at the beginning.


Shopify is not free, WordPress+Woocommerce is almost free.
The downside to the previous WP+WOO combination was for me:
– plugin updates could screw up a lot, shipping, payment gateways, display
– keeping WordPress absolutely safe can be done, but it’s a continuous battle
– my site was slow. I think because having a big blog, a lot of imagery & having the shop there was making it slow.


I think in web design, it must be user-first. By this I mean: VISITOR first. So making the experience as good as you can for a visitor must count as the #1 goal first. You want to have a clear, uncluttered design, a fast & easy loading experience, you want to give the visitors all answers & easy navigation to all you offer. Most traffic coming from most links (Social) are mobile clicks, so you will need to build something mobile optimized. It needs to work & be beautiful on all devices.


I think a shop can have a different ‘doorway’ or home-page than a personal blog or website can have. Dividing the different elements into different websites, no it’s not the ‘perfect’ solution, because the best would be all-in-one, but to keep the parts individually ‘best’ I divided them into 3 platforms or sites. Now the Web/Blog – Shop Art Products – Teaching parts are all separate. Each platform can & will be integrated more with the other, but all in due time.


I’m happy with the result. The new year will show if it was a good choice or not.
I hope this has inspired you!  Happy Building to you!

If you’re curious, here is a link to my new online shop: and if you want to get better at the business side I have a course starting January 2 which covers all systems you need to have created in order to actually live off creating & selling art yourself, here is the link to more info:

Best wishes!
Roos Schuring

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