Seascape Pleinair “Bad Weather Luck” (sold)

Seascape Pleinair: Fear of Bad Weather.

Often it takes a while before participants (in my outdoor classses) realize how much good bad weather can do.
The shifts in light, the racing clouds, light effects, all ingredients for stunning paintings I think. Yes you might endure a small (hopefully small/short) shower, yes who likes to get cold..but hey.. being comfortable is when you sit in front of a fire with a class of wine yes, and RESULTS matter.

SSU01-2015-Schuring-Seascape-Seascape Bad Weather Luck

2015 Seascape “Bad Weather Luck”
oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2015

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These are great moments of spectacular light effects. What US participants often say: here it changes so fast! Hope today we’ll have an interesting sky again. Don’t mind the winds as long as there is light!”

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rtl4-23-juni-2015-dWearing thermos might be a good idea. Weather news is also very fond of bad weather, especially when they can discuss ‘the poor artists getting soo cold’ All Fun!

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