Seascape Plein air Turquoise water and Light Moves (sold)

Seascape Plein air: Light Moves!

Here begins again my Blog. Yes I’m back, what happened? Work! Work happened. My first big online Course needed all of my focus and attention. I did paint too, although little. It was good to withdraw from social and communication for a bit. Many of us are doing this for a very long time. No rest on Sunday, no rest during vacation time, really not ever. So I can recommend a period of time ‘to go dark’ but the consequences on social were harsh! Maybe it was FB’s newest changes, but I could see the visibility lower than ever. A blast of social posts did make up for it, in other words you can get back ‘on track’ and you can give yourself permission to ‘take time off’.


Proud of this painting. The shade on the right, lit areas on the left. I love Light & Color.

SSU20-2015 Seascape “Turquoise water and Light Moves”

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2015

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scene pic:seascape-pleinair-scene

Here you see my small sigarbox easel. Next time I’ll take the big French easel again.

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