Seascape Painting Afternoon Light

Seascape Plein air “Water,¬†Afternoon Light and Shades of Trees”

Everything moves, the people, the light, the water, waves, the colors, shades. I love this about painting pleinair. I don’t fear it. I embrace it.

I think whenever you have the fear ‘I can’t do it’ like I have from time to time too you know, you should go ahead full force. Just do it. You might think nothing of the end result. Put it away and be surprised 2 weeks after. Often ‘the full force doing it anyway’ will prove itself.¬†An example would be¬†my ‘new years eve fireworks painting’ I didn’t think much of it, just happy I could finish it¬†in the utter dark cold evening, and I so loved it afterwards.



SSU21-2015 Seascape “Water, Afternoon Light and Shades of Trees”
oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2015

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Here an image of my equipment, a few big brushes, one or two smaller ones, a palette knife, cloth, tin can, the sigar box easel, the leftovers in tupperware, duct tape (I had forgotten the stapler imagine my scare – some of you know why :) I only had a very tiny bit of turpentine, so most of the paintings were painted without any medium or spirits.


These summer seascapes fit best in the Italian White wash frames I think.


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