Painting Hazy Clouds

Painting Hazy Clouds.

One Blue Week for us in the MasterClass!

This was the second time my promise/expectation of great Dutch Clouds couldn’t come true. BUT one morning we had fog, that cleared up into these clouds below.

Seeing that blue behind them I knew they wouldn’t stay. Keyword: “hurry!”

SW11-2015 Schuring Seascape Hazy Clouds of Morning

Bigger Seascape Winter 11 “Hazy Clouds of Morning”

50×60 cm | 20″ x 24″
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Mainly painted with leftover grays to begin this painting, leaving room within the gray to be filled with blue (from the very beginning).

Adding blue in later can get messy. ->Always best to calculate those spots in – like you do in watercolor.

Happy Painting!

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