Nocturne ‘Palm Trees and Lights’

Coming to San Diego.

The traveling towards San Diego was the hard part..the preparing for my talk at PACE 2017 took a decent amount of time and then the packing, cleaning the house and such :-) My big suitcase contained my big Italian easel mostly, add paints, brushes, canvasses and bodywarmer, thermos and an extra pair of jeans means full. :-)

Painting the First View – Palm trees:

LSP01-2017 Schuring Nocturne Hotel Marina Garden First View Palm trees and Lights

LSP01 Plein air Painting by Roos Schuring
“Nocturne Hotel Marina Garden First View Palm Trees and Lights”

oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″
(available)Paintings in Shop

Going to San Diego took about 24 hours in total. Arriving there, rental car dealership, hotel checking in… I felt/was being without sleep for 2 days, but eager to start painting right away. In luck: found painting buddies who wanted to join me, like Amy Jackman and friends and we painted the hotel garden view by night. Here the pink orangy sky, great high palm trees, lights of roads and lanterns. Needs no explanation, we don’t have these views here in Holland, I loved it.

Thanks to friends for making my stay so great!! Thanks Carole, Jeff, Hai Ou, Kat, Lori, Christopher, Eileen, Bill, Mike, Tedd, Lamya, Amy, Debra, Sharon, Carl, Marla, Eric, Georgia, Jason, Jim, Richard, Ali, Tony, Brenda, Stefan, Michael, Barbara, April, Sherrie, Larry, Scott, Pierre, Violeta, David, Rena, Qiang and Paul and many more, Kath, Patti, Roger, Marianne, Fred, Susan, Naomi, Ralph, Kim, Rebekah, Carol, Clelia, Chuck and many more Thanks!

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