Days with Clouds

Light and Shade.

Maybe all landscape painting is about Color and Light, or it’s about Light singularly. But when talking about Light, one cannot exclude shade, its helper friend. No light without non-light, brightness doesn’t work when the opposite isn’t included.

So it’s with saturation, a painting can accentuate bright and pure saturated colors when it also shows the opposite, the neutrals. It’s playing with these elements a landscape painter never gets saturated by, it’s endless.

Seascape-Schuring-Clouds-Shade-LightSSU08-2019 Seascape Plein air Painting
‘Clouds – Shade – Light’

Roos Schuring, oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″
Available / Find Seascapes for Sale here:Paintings in Shop


As the clouds move they’ll light up different parts each time.
To paint a light effect it often starts with deciding where you want your light and shade to happen,
as you then start to paint it and the view disappears: wait for it to return and vanish again, over and over, so you can pull the color information from what you see. Stick with the idea.


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