Golden Light – Marina Morning View (sold)

High Key Gold.

I’ve added 50+ more pictures extra in these 8 posts about the #pleinairconvention !
The next day I drove to Seascape village at 5 AM. Found a 7-Eleven for water and coffee.. didn’t find a sunrise spot, drove back to the hotel and painted the marina again.

Opposite pallets compared to the first painting! Did I mention I did not use any brush cleaner or mediums this week? I did. I just wiped off the paint. And never had a real clean brush. So you see: it’s very doable. Recommended you try it!

LSP03-2017-Schuring-Marina Morning View Golden LightLSP03 Plein air Painting by Roos Schuring
“Marina Morning View Golden Light”

oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″

Paintings in Shop

Don’t have a pic with the painting in: just after I finished I found out my phone was gone!
Thanks to the one who had found it the night before!!!
Got it back. So grateful. This was the day I was scheduled to do my presentation. Here below a few snapshots. If you have more: please let me know. I don’t have anything else besides these.

Because I got my phone back my day was already great.
Yes, there was FEAR about doing my presentation/demonstration. But it went well :)

Here’s what Sherrie wrote to me:

Thank YOU Sherrie and to all who mentioned it to me you appreciated it, THANK You!!

‘Color & Light – The Holy Grail in Plein Air (Landscape) Painting’
Glad I could keep you all from falling asleep :)

Fun & Painting – Thanks Friends!!

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