Seascape Cloud Reflections (sold)

Painting Cloud Reflections.

Here below in this blog post, you can see a few stages of this painting.

The takeaway here would be: the big idea is the starting point and at 10% into it you can already see it, test it, slightly adjust its shape.

The light effect is for me part of this idea, the effect of reflective water in shade, the feeling of vastness, open space.

This was one of those instances where I was thinking about increasing the sizes. Subjects such as these could do with just more space.


SSU11-2018 Seascape Plein air Painting
“Cloud Reflections – Dune Lit”

Roos Schuring, oil on canvas, 24 × 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″
Sold / Find Seascapes for Sale here:Paintings in Shop




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