Carmel Beach – Grey Day Beauty (sold)

Paint Out!

A year ago¬†I got some email about “Why didn’t you tell you were in the area?” in order to avoid this and to feel OK I preposted an email about a Paint Out. The 2 loveliest people showed! Anita and Bruce.

You two¬†don’t know how you have energized me to continue my path of teaching and all. You did! Great people, dear and talented themselves. Like many of my readers.

I want you to know what I wrote earlier to them. It’s about how so many times you KNOW you can paint but it doesn’t come out. Sounds familiar? I was there TOO! In 2007 I felt the shift. For you it might be soon or already here. What does it mean: You see something AND you Can paint it Like you want it to be¬†Painted. All I know is: EVERYONE can get there. You’ll just need those years/practice of the EYE and PAINT.
Don’t give in, don’t give up. Make it an increase 200% forward instead! Keep on going.
After you’ll know what Happy Painting is all about. TRUE! Somehow the ‘all knowing mind’ needs to get congruent with Practice. Then: give it Practice! Invest the TIME.
The 10.000 hour rule might be bullshit. Who cares about rules : – ) JUST PAINT.


This one here took me 6.5 hours. CRAZY! Yes they still won’t come easy. (And you will always have the wipeouts) but persistence makes a Happy Painter!

CA13-2015-Schuring-Seascape-See Through Tree Morning Light

CA13-2015 Seascape “View on Carmel Beach Grey Day Beauty”
oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2015 –¬†sold

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