Big Seascape Pleinair “Morning Light – Dutch Beach, Horses, Dog” (sold)

Big Seascape Pleinair: Hurry More.

Some of you ask me “How would you paint BIG pleinair?” The answer is pretty simple: bigger brushes, bigger knife and more paint : – )
Yet also: try to hurry even more. Try to ‘fill’ the canvas asap. Because moments don’t last… The benefit of hurrying is to ‘registrate’ (color/movement) better, more objectively, often more pure.
Some start one day and finish the next. I don’t prefer it because of almost guaranteed weather/atmosphere changes.


SSU02-2015 Big Seascape “Morning Light Dutch Beach Horses Dog”
oil on canvas, 50×60 cm | ~21″ x 24″ 2015


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