Big Seascape Painting (sold)

Big Seascape “Shade and Sun”

A fairly clear day, luckily I got inspired by a few hazy white flocks of cloud drifting by :) Blue all over is just so boring :)

SA07-2014-Seascape-60x40-Roos-Schuring-Shade and Sun

I will paint more big seascapes this coming year. A territory that I have certainly not conquered yet, because you easily get swept away by it, using tiny details etcetera. I wish to create the big ones similarly to the small ones. Yes it’s a search of course. Some might not call it big, doing the ‘feet-stuff’ in their studio, or maybe pleinair. But pleinair-wise it is big. Let’s take it one step at the time ;)

SA07-2014 “Shade and Sun”


oil on canvas, 60×40 cm | 23.6″ x 15.7″ 2014
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  • KalevFebruary 24, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Wonderful question. I used to live on the west coast and the east coast both ofefred me wonderful views of the sea. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve missed until it’s gone. Your location must be The Artist’ Dream.

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