Windmill in Early Morning (sold)

Painting what you love.

I did not always love to paint the landscape with windmills, but it grew on me. Probably with age. :) Perhaps the more you travel, the more you’ll love your home, and the older you get the more it is enough to stick with. Not many artists realize this: the more you can build a stronger business foundation, the more free you are in choosing what to create. It’s really all connected.

This is the first painting in my new Card Booklet, here shown in full size:

Morning Sunrise Windmill-Painting-Roos-Schuring com

Oil Painting Roos Schuring “Home Again” (sold)

You can enjoy this painting in this newly created Card Booklet. In it there’s 2x 8 different Winter Paintings.

Here are the 8 different paintings :


–>Order this little Booklet here:
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