Totally Not Expected This

And Then There Was Snow!

The white vast horizon, reason for the first snow painting of the season. Too bad the blizzard started again while painting, and -no- you just can’t mix ice & oil paint, it won’t stick onto the canvas, and even when it does, it will dry up looking ‘sandy’. Below a video from the scene!



LW01-2017 Landscape Plein air Painting
“Mixing Paint And Snow”

By Roos Schuring, oil on canvas, longer size 37.5 x 23 cm | 9″ x 14.8″ 2017

Paintings in ShopMy Winter Special starts soon, but there still need more snow paintings added to the Inventory, so that’s coming next!

Glorious Winter weather. Today! @rosepleinair #paintingsnow #painting #paintsnow

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