Snow in Holland (sold)

And Officially Happy New Year!!

Imagine me, an obsessed painter, looking out the window every morning, seeing the sky go from dark to grey, to the first splashes of light, then deciding will I go out painting yes or no. And imagine the day after Christmas, when I didn’t look outside (!) to find the FIRST SNOW only later on, really by accident.


My God! I wish I had seen it in the morning light. It really started melting fast. But I checked webcams all over Holland, weather casts, radar views to find out I had to drive south to find more SNOW.


And so I did, in the days that followed, every day a bit further south as it melted centerwise throughout the Netherlands. The north never had seen any. My guess is January 15th we could get lucky again. The forecast also says today we might get wet snow in the south. But it being above zero degrees Celsius, I doubt we’ll have to go and chase it. Webcams show none for now.

So the sad reality on December 31st: it was almost everywhere gone. In 24 hours it went from this (white everywhere):


…to Nothing but remains by ditches, and I tried to paint it, that evening of the 31st, but it didn’t work out. Again police saying I had to move the car, the car got stuck in mud, well…
Then we drove out, and I painted somewhere else the fireworks that were lit at 7.30 pm. At least I had got something done.
I’m missing it. My dear subject snow.

Crossing fingers it will return soon.
May it be a good one with family and friends around, happy and healthy 2015!


This week I’ll post again some seascapes here that I haven’t shared before.

Be well all!


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