Overcast Pleasures Tree and View on Grays

Overcast Pleasures.

I call this ‘Overcast Pleasures’ because that’s what it is. The joy of making ‘something of nothing’. If you can be inspired by grays, then…
I was talking with Eileen on the stairs, gazing into the distance, kept staring at this view.

Of course it’s also the shape of the tree that inspired me. Those wonderful Californian trees!

LSP07-2017 Schuring Overcast Pleasures Tree Plus View on Greys
LSP07 Plein air Painting by Roos Schuring
“Overcast Pleasures Tree & View on Greys”

oil on canvas, 24 × 25 cm | 9.6″ x 10″
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Rich I know from the first trips coming here, Carmel history!

Rose and Lynn and Rose :)

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  • Thomas HawleyMay 21, 2017 at 1:26 am

    Dear Roos, I am on Kauai painting turquoise seascapes. Your tree with the gray background is really great and reminded me of my favorite California artist, S.C. Yuan. Do you know him? I was his attorney many years ago but at that time had no interest in painting and so acquired none of his paintings during our acquaintance. Yuan committed suicide in 1973, the night before his one man show was to open at the Carmel Art Association. The show sold out. I have since acquired a number of his paintings which are among my favorites. Guido Frick was recently here to give a workshop but I was out of town and did not attend. He stayed at our place and painted two demos there which I will try to send you by separate e-mail. Here’s hoping you will return to Carmel some day soon. Best, Thos

  • Kathleen WalshFebruary 5, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    I encountered Yuan’s work a few years ago while in Carmel and have kept the brochure in my backpack ever since. A brilliant man. So fortunate for you that you met him and have a few paintings. Happy Painting!

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