Japanese Orchid Shade and Light

Alcazar Garden – Japanese Orchid.

Here below a video about the painting day in Balboa Park. I edited in many friends and colleagues. You might like it. Here below the view on a Japanese Orchid tree. It made such a wonderful shade on the yellowish building. Very often you need to sit down, relax, to find something you Really Want to paint. :) This view probably could inspire me to paint many more of. Alas! I’m home again now.

LSP08-2017 Schuring Alcazar Garden Japanese Orchid Shade and Light
LSP08 Plein air Painting by Roos Schuring
“Alcazar Garden Japanese Orchid Shade and Light”

oil on canvas, 22,9 x 27,9 cm | 9″ x 11″
(available)Paintings in Shop

Video below! — Balboa Park


Video Impression Balboa Park

Thanks to friends for making my stay so great!! Thanks Carole, Jeff, Hai Ou, Kat, Lori, Christopher, Eileen, Bill, Mike, Tedd, Lamya, Amy, Debra, Sharon, Carl, Marla, Eric, Georgia, Jason, Jim, Richard, Ali, Tony, Brenda, Stefan, Michael, Barbara, April, Sherrie, Larry, Scott, Pierre, Violeta, David, Rena, Qiang and Paul and many more, Kath, Patti, Roger, Marianne, Fred, Susan, Naomi, Ralph, Kim, Rebekah, Carol, Clelia, Chuck and many more Thanks!

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  • MarkSeptember 21, 2017 at 3:58 am

    Hi Roos:
    I love your work! I also enjoyed your podcast on Plein Air with Eric. I just listened to it tonight while out on a walk. I also appreciate your marketing efforts. No marketing…no sales…No sales…..no profit to continue making art. Great work!

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