Painting a Red Sunrise (sold)

Red Sunrise.

The fun thing about creating these Sunrises is everything depends upon each other: The time you set the alarm, the time it takes to move out in time: whether in darkness or in shimmering light, the spot you’ll find:
Sometimes it’s somehow occupied, or otherwise things ‘happen’. Sometimes the ‘losses’ of some days make for ‘Intention’ on new days.

So here I intended to be there REALLY REALLY early. To paint the darkness. It is dark then, setting up. But not always. It depends!


LW05-2015 Landscape Pleinair Painting
“Red Sunrise”

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2015

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Here you see the effect of a light-colored frame: see how dark the painting is like it is in the very early morning.


This dark brown frame nicely accentuates the red light, beginning of the day.


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