Painting Snow (sold)

Painting Snow in Evening Light

They say it’s coming again, can’t wait really!

LW08-2014-Roos-Schuring-Snow-in-the-Evening-Painting-Pleinair- Landscape


Painting snow is a painters dream.

Although they are harder to sell, it might be my most favorite subject. Fascinated by color shifts, shade color of snow, and the creamy highlights you get on a sunny snow-day.
This painting was created at a parallel road next to a big highway, a lot of traffic. We drove perhaps 45 minutes south to find this landscape. Where we live there wasn’t any snow left. Mud, police stopping by asking me what I was doing there. He stood there in disbelief, never had seen a stained jacket let alone an easel before :). I had to go to the car to¬†show him the finished painting before¬†he believed me. This was painted December 30st, so maybe that’s why he was checking out ‘all odd things’ :) The view was so stunning. It all moved very fast. The day after everything had melted away. It’s time for more NEW SNOW.

How you do a snowdance?

LW08 Landscape Winter¬†8¬†“Snow in the Evening” –¬†Sold

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2014

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