Painting Snow in Shade (sold)

Painting Snow in Shade.

To paint this painting I drove 5 hours to be able to find snow. Crazy!

And yes if the pressure is high because of the long journey, the time to perform limited, and the spots to choose numerous, it’s best to ‘randomly’ put the easel and just start.

Here I did search, but I searched for any ditch and anywhere there was enough snow in shade, as I love this colorplay. Here the darks used help the snow in shade stay bright. The horizon still part of this scene lets the eye wander off more.

This week I’m sharing the various postcards I created with these Winter Paintings. Here’s the full size image of the fourth painting from the booklet:

Sun-Snow-shade-Painting-Roos-Schuring com

Roos Schuring “Sun Snow Shade and Ducks” (sold)

You can enjoy this painting in this newly created Card Booklet. In it there’s 2x 8 different Winter Paintings.

Here are the 8 different paintings :


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