Painting in Zaandam

Painting in Zaandam View on 4 Windmills.

Eric Rhoads came to Holland for work and painting. So he and a bunch of other painters went to Zaandam. Funny stuff: I had never been in Zaandam myself. Yes I live near ‘my own set of windmills’ but seeing them here was o so beautiful too. Painting here was great. My next post shows one in the evening.

This one was painted on the bridge overlooking the wide canal and the windmills. It did start to rain, as you might see in the sky.

Felt fortunate to have met him, and painted with him. I think he’s an important figure in the pleinair scene, but more importantly, he’s also a very nice guy, and smart, we share the same passion for marketing and business. Guess what our conversations were about most :)


LA03-2015 Landscape Painting “Zaandam View on 4 Windmills”

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2015


Scene pic:


Here Eric Rhoads, publisher of PleinAir Magazine and I pose in front of the row of windmills in Zaandam, Holland.



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