Painting Cows in Summer (sold)

Painting Cows in Summer.

The Cows are enjoying the lazy days in Summer. Partly in shade, in light. I asked the farmer how old cows get, and by coincidence found out that these cows I paint here are the very same cows I painted 6 years ago. We also have our favorite friends among this crowd. I love Cows.

As you get more involved with these creatures, you’ll notice some things. Today there are mostly young ones in the Dutch fields. This also means the older ones have been terminated. (Far too young) All for milk’s sake. I think there are a lot of things wrong with this and other countries, one of these things is the milk industry. Some farmers do it right, like the one I spoke to. A lot of farmers do it awfully wrong. A) Separating youngs from mothers too soon B) Terminating too soon C) The mega-farms never let Cows go outside anymore ETC ETC., Yes, a crying shame is it not? You’d be better off buying the ecological products, milk, cheese, etc. Those ecological farmers most often take better care of the animals, have more respect for the environment and animals in general. It’s an important choice you can make in purchasing, by choosing you also take a stand. Any caring human being should make this choice consciously.


LSU04-2016 Landscape Pleinair Painting
“Cows Enjoying Shade in Summer”

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2016

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I recently found the best frames ever, will share this image with you soon.



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