Nocturne Purpleblue (sold)

Purpleblue Mornings

Like I wrote in the previous posts, this painting could have never existed if I didn’t return here with new ideas sprung from creating the previous paintings.

If you have a studious attitude about painting, you’ll find your gems in this experimental journey of returning repetitively to a subject or spot, and probably not so much in the isolated ‘1 time try’.

It’s also more fun :) and less stressful when you approach it like this.


LA04-2016 Landscape Pleinair Painting
‘Nocturne Windmill Purpleblue’

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2016

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 Here’s the palette I used. Just a few colors.

Browns, yellow, magenta, blues.

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