New Year’s Eve – Painting Fireworks at 7.30 PM (sold)

New Years Eve.

Last year I couldn’t do it (drove to a spot but felt I couldn’t do it). So I was pretty much determined to do it right this year. But I was tired. And it was cold. I wanted to go home.

Painting fireworks

Still, I am an obsessed painter and I won’t quit until I am satisfied with the end result. New Years Eve after 7 pm. Bloody cold, total darkness where I parked the car, the light of the doors open, the car light let me see which colors I took. I used only 5 colors: Black, orange cadmium, red and brown + white.

See how you don’t always need Blue for instance? Black+red can give a certain ‘purple’ And thinned Orange can give a ‘yellow’ feel, especially next to the Red it seems yellow. Less is often more. On an off I get emails from artists asking me about my palette. They ask in the Masterclasses too. I do offer participants a ‘need to bring list’ with colors on. Most of the times I don’t have that exact set. Why? Because they might be empty, and I’ll continue with other tubes, to get a similar (mixing) result. You can paint with 5 tubes, or with 50, and have the same end result. Like in all things, the end result is a product of mental decisions, not the ingredients themselves: the magic is in mixing, and in the decisions, not in the tubes. 

To encourage you: you will find More Magic when you Experiment More. Never go with a fixed set, never go by 1 book, never go by 1 rule. Just try things out and see what happens. I think I’m doing that all of the time, either because of laziness (not getting new paint) or for the fun of: “Let’s see what happens if I just do this” or decisions: “Let’s Not use green today”.

Have Fun!

LW09-2014-Roos-Schuring-New-Years-Eve-Painting-Pleinair- Landscape

LW09 Landscape Winter 9 “New Year’s Eve” – Sold

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2014
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