Fog Landscape and Sunrise (sold)

Fog and Sunrise.


If you want to also find these special moments in the morning, it’s advised you go there multiple times, over and over. The winter is more easy for this: you don’t have to get up at 5 now to be there before the sun rises :)

Yes mittens needed, at least it is in the colder ‘Winter parts’ of this world. :) Many people on social say ‘brrrr’ which is funny, dress warm and you’ll be alright. For the whole Winter, and long into Spring I¬†wear full thermo wear all month long. My mucles never cramp up.

Oh it’s so worth it, being there, starting the morning with a painting.
This is the sixth painting in my new Card Booklet, here shown in full size:

Morning-Sunrise-Fog-Landscape-Painting-Roos-Schuring com

Oil Painting Roos Schuring “Sunrise in Fog” (sold)

You can enjoy this painting¬†in this newly created Card Booklet. In it there’s 2x 8 different Winter Paintings.

Here are the 8 different paintings :


–>Order this little Booklet here:
(Currently Free worldwide shipping on this item!) Enjoy!


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  • Anna RodopoulosJanuary 9, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Roos I love so much you and your paintings,
    I live in Australia , I am an artist , English teacher and music teacher.. I so much want to come and have lessons with you . IT is a dream to come to Netherlands and have lesson . I am 75 years old and love to spend what is left of my life to travel and learn and meet people like you. Will it be expensive for me to have lesson Roos ? Is it expensive to find accomodationin Holland ? I live on pensions bt save a lot for travel .. you are BEAUTIFUL as is your art .

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