Beauty on a Rainy Day – Cows and Mud Track – sold

Beauty on a Rainy Day – Cows and Mud

I don’t say painting in rain is fun or easy. But it can deliver. And that’s what it’s all about.

arrowwwI used to wait for a ‘good day to paint’ but most of the time this will mean you’ll miss out on a lot. So don’t let ‘fear of getting wet’ hold you from painting: the umbrella will only keep the painting dry. The palette you’ll just have to shake once in a while to get rid of the water. Oh yes: that’s why oils are better to work with outdoors: you can’t do this with acrylics.
(And did you ever wonder what happens to the plastic molecules you throw down the drain after painting with acrylics? Indeed! I think acrylics are bad for the natural environment, because who says they can get these plastic molecules out of the water again? ->Perhaps they can’t. Think about it.)



LSU02-2016 Landscape Pleinair Painting
“Beauty on a Rainy Day Cows and Mud Track”

oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2016

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All weather can deliver, just dress warm & bring the tape + umbrella :)


Watch A Video

There’s a new demo available
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New Cows Demo by Roos Schuring

DEMO-COWS-Roos-SchuringIf you want to view a full-length outdoor painting demo,
this new video demonstration was just released:
Find it here


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