Painting Cows and Evening Sky (sold)

Cows and Evening Sky.

There’s here and there still some cows outdoors. As long as the land doesn’t get too muddy and the frost is only a morning thing. But you’ll have to search a bit to find them.

There are a few great things about this painting. The water reflecting the sky, the whites of the cows turned to blue, also repeated in the ditch side shade and the little part of light in the evening sky. Often the¬†rhythm of ‘the dots’ need to get more important than the actual various ‘figurative’ elements, to bring the painting to an interesting unified whole.
This is the fifth painting in my new Card Booklet, here shown in full size:

Landacape-evening-Cows- Painting-Roos-Schuring com

Oil Painting Roos Schuring “Cows in Evening Light – Time to go Home” (sold)


You can enjoy this painting¬†in this newly created Card Booklet. In it there’s 2x 8 different Winter Paintings.

Here are the 8 different paintings :



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