5 in the Morning (sold)

LSP14-2015-Schuring-Home Again 5 30 AM

This is LSP14-2015-Schuring-“Home Again 5 30 AM” (sold)
After getting back from California that next day we stood here overlooking the great Dutch open fields, a magical sunrise and this time the (same) Windmill so close!
An excellent view. I’ll have to wait for better timing to be able to paint here again. 5 O’ clock is just too early!

A short intermezzo, (I will continue with the California series next again.) Lately, I’ve been re-thinking the ‘gallery’ thing.

Most of you know about the story, me so happy starting a physical shop – to closing it 9 months later.
I now think an artist IS better off having a place to hang and show his/her art and to invite people there during special exhibits, or to use it when people email you to come and visit and you can ‘entertain’ them there. That happens yes.

I don’t want my regular workdays to be interrupted by visitors I don’t know, into my studio/house. I would have to clean up I would get nervous. Don’t you? I do. Costing me energy. Time. Work time! With Special exhibits in your actual shop it’s different. I’ve come to find ‘the Dutch’ aren’t ready for online sales as much as foreigners are (because viewing the work beforehand is for them, of course, a non-option as I’m too far away..) but it’s a fact. I would have MUCH more in-house sales if I could again have a place to show my work to ‘the locals’.

Things to Consider when you start your own ‘Gallery’:

A) Don’t Overpay on Rent: tricky part! (I did!)

B) Location Location Location (because your circle will show up lesser every time I think because although repeat art-buying in a short time span does happen it’s not the rule but the exception), you need new visitors, rather pass-byers too.

C) You need to pay a commission to Someone Willing to sit there and SELL paintings for you on regular weekdays/or min. 1 day a week. I would pay them a commission for every painting they sell. max 20%?

D) Consider a cheap POP-UP Location? (Don’t Overspend on Decorating it!) I did :)

E) People won’t magically ‘show up’, in all that you do: MARKETING Efforts Make or Break this set-up.

F) Combine the ONLINE with the OFFLINE Exhibits and Special Deals. A Super combination most ‘regular galleries’ clearly overlook to do! Costing them the non-local sales.

G) Even when it doesn’t work out (like many people think mine didn’t : – ) (It gave me even more I had ever hoped for.) You will GAIN so much by this experience! For me it was a moment of a shift in thinking. Perhaps a shift in Time. I could re-think the Gallery-Artist relationship, and unwind the ties. I could get much clearer about ‘Freedom’ and what it really means to have an Art Business. (I had almost FORGOTTEN it again! That’s why I wrote this now.)

Be well All!






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