Hi! I'm Roos Schuring

an outdoor painter

living in the Netherlands

I paint Landscapes and Seascapes
'En Plein Air'

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Like many artists, I started out
being a studio painter
but 17 years ago
I traded it all in
for outdoor painting.

I love to capture the swift passing moments of absolute beauty in Nature!

It changes everything.

Why does it change everything? Click here to read on...

Here’s what I think:

>When you are an outdoor painter your Style will develop WAY Faster and WAY Different.


>You’ll Become an Impressionist.

>Because You’ll be Capturing the Impression of the Moment. Or at least, you’ll try to. You’ll need Time and Practice. Because it really is a different way of Painting.

>You’ll Need to Be Faster!

>You’ll Need to Make Painting Desicions Faster, Mix Faster.

You’ll Need to Pay More attention to Movement, Color & Light, because you can’t work on a single painting for weeks on end.

It’s such a simple difference:

Putting the easel in front of your living subject,

but the Output Differences are Huge. It will Influence everything. Your Style. The way you handle your tools. How you Mix, the way you Perceive Color & Light.

And of course, it will change your End-Results.

>When you Persist during the inevitable first Difficulties, when you Proceed in this Outdoor Journey, the Results can be Life Changing, as it was for me.

I sucked at my first outdoor attempts! 

The Trick is to Not let go.

As all abilities ALWAYS grow with Practice:

Practice, Practice, Practice!

You’ll See Your Development GO UP!

If you are new in this: Start with Outdoor Painting as soon as you can & you’ll be having Greater Landscape Results in a year.

Just Start!


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Are You a Landscape Painter Too?

Outdoor Painting can be

the Key and the Door

to Excellence!

I have found this to be True!

It helps you to connect with your subject (nature), and get the deepest understanding of light and all elements involved in Landscape painting!

Book 100-Seascapes

Standing Eye to Eye with your Subject Matter and Painting it at the same time Works Wonders.

It's a never-ending dance of seeing and painting, a painter's development is never done.
The Landscape, the Seascape can Fascinate for Life!


I wrote this Book 'PleinairMastery' for Landscape Painters to Share the Magic and How-to of Plein Air Painting that I found over the years.

I teach about Outdoor Painting in live classes at the Beach in Holland. Though most of you won't be jumping on a plane so easily, I started to create online video painting training 5 years ago.

The Mini-Courses are still cheap and offer a lot. The Beginner Outdoor Painter (living near the beach) can enjoy the Mini-Course 'Seascape Beginner'. For all studio and outdoor painters, beginners or advanced, the other 3 Mini-Courses, SUN, CLOUDS, COWS will benefit you. Check these out here: