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Different Times to Paint20190919164500

Different Times to Paint

Night Sky Entering. This was a special one. But it did push me again beyond comfort 🙃 Because under ...
Happy New Year – Fireworks20171231174501

Happy New Year – Fireworks

Happy New Year to You! This painting was created during a fireworks show last December (2016), where...
Snow & Evening (sold)20171223155531

Snow & Evening (sold)

Evening View – Snow and Sky. –>Often, the more beautiful a moment is, the more it wil...
Nocturne Snow Landscape (sold)20171221181847

Nocturne Snow Landscape (sold)

Evening View & Windmill Lights – Nocturne Snow. This nocturne in snow was created on that ...
Nighttime Lights Marina20170512174628

Nighttime Lights Marina

Earliest Morning View – Nighttime Lights. Tedd joined me in painting the earliest of early mor...
Nocturne ‘Palm Trees and Lights’20170504161854

Nocturne ‘Palm Trees and Lights’

Coming to San Diego. The traveling towards San Diego was the hard part..the preparing for my talk at...
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