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Which Colors Do You Use?

This box leads to a Video about the Paints & Gear I used to Paint Tropical Seascapes and Sunrises. Click the box to go there.


How Do You Photograph Your Paintings?

In this box I answer Steven who asks about creating great images resembling the paintings
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10 Tips - Painting a Sunset at the Beach

Here’s a PDF about How I Paint my Sunsets at the Beach. Click the box to go get this 10-Step PDF + Video link emailed to you.

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5 Steps - Better Meadow Landscapes

This box leads to a PDF about Simple Steps to Improve Meadow Paintings. Click the box to receive this.

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3 Tips to Paint More & Remain Motivated

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Stories From the Field

Painting Cows and Trees in Backlight20191117163950

Painting Cows and Trees in Backlight

The Process. You can find the creation process in a 3-step image here below in this blog post. Aw! The process...
Painting Cows under Grey Sky20191115170323

Painting Cows under Grey Sky

Dark skies are your best friend. A threatening sky. Before I knew what I wanted to paint I walked around, thin...
Painting Cows – Before Milking Time20191113164954

Painting Cows – Before Milking Time

What to focus on first? A lovely see-through, though the clouds were fast-moving, it was grey from time to tim...