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Painting the Sky20191004171000

Painting the Sky

Exhilarating. When I studied Graphic Design a long time ago, during a low moment in class in tears I...
Seascape Light Effects to the Max20190929170600

Seascape Light Effects to the Max

Chance of Rain? Go out and paint! A great moment of absolute strong sunlight. It’s great when ...
What a Beautiful Morning20190921170300

What a Beautiful Morning

Pink Morning Light. I like this painting because it really captured the early morning pinks and ligh...
Different Times to Paint20190919164500

Different Times to Paint

Night Sky Entering. This was a special one. But it did push me again beyond comfort 🙃 Because under ...
Days with Clouds20190916155952

Days with Clouds

Light and Shade. Maybe all landscape painting is about Color and Light, or it’s about Light si...
Autumn Moments at the Beach20190914165603

Autumn Moments at the Beach

Clouds, Winds, Light & Kite. A great one where I wanted to capture the light on the ocean. See h...
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