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Painting Clouds (sold)20181027154938

Painting Clouds (sold)

Painting Clouds in the Morning. This one was created at a beautiful moment in the very Very early mo...
Painting the Fleeting Sun20181024181006

Painting the Fleeting Sun

Painting a Sunset on the Beach. All steps in How to Paint a Sunset are explained here in a PDF: http...
Seascape Cloud Reflections (sold)20181012213426

Seascape Cloud Reflections (sold)

Painting Cloud Reflections. Here below in this blog post, you can see a few stages of this painting....
Evening Sky Seascape – Zeegezicht (sold)20181010033425

Evening Sky Seascape – Zeegezicht (sold)

Evening Sky Spectacle! This is a dear painting and with a great story also. I talked with a friend o...
Seascape Sunset and Horse – Zeegezicht20181008163426

Seascape Sunset and Horse – Zeegezicht

Sunset Beach. It helps when there is something passing by or standing out, like a horse in this case...
Seascape Striped Parasol20180828153425

Seascape Striped Parasol

Striped Parasol, Kite and Tiny Clouds. Sometimes you’ll be lucky, find all the right ingredien...
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