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A Rainbow in the Morning Light20200614133919

A Rainbow in the Morning Light

A Soft Rainbow. The previous rainbow painting ended up pretty dark, having a saturated rainbow. This...
Rainbow Effects20200610174111

Rainbow Effects

Saturation. Here I wanted to create the sky dark, this time letting the rainbow sing louder. The com...
That Little Rainbow20200603074459

That Little Rainbow

Observations. This is a tiny rainbow, sometimes they’ll go across clouds, sometimes they’...
Rainbow by the Sea20200601082253

Rainbow by the Sea

Rainbows! Here I will have a few painted rainbows to show you this month, one always different from ...
May You Find Rainbows – Standing behind an easel :)20200102175701

May You Find Rainbows – Standing behind an easel :)

Painting Rainbows. For the new year, I wish you the same awesome moments I was so grateful for, havi...
Seascape Inevitable Rain20191202165241

Seascape Inevitable Rain

Light Effects! Often my MasterClass participants don’t like to see a day starting with grey, I...
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