8 Common Problems in Painting a Seascape!20150215024402

8 Common Problems in Painting a Seascape!

February 15, 20150 comments
Plein Air Videos For You: NEWEST SERIES Coming Up! (2015)  This is the New Video Series: “Problems and Solutions in Pleinair Painting” &...
Painting a Sunset – Paint the Truth!20150212115002

Painting a Sunset – Paint the Truth!

February 12, 20150 comments
Painting a Sunset: Catching a Glimpse This time it worked out very well. Rapid change and no turning back. It doesn’t always work out these s...
Painting Birds (sold)20150209111842

Painting Birds (sold)

February 9, 20150 comments
Birds at the Beach These are happy days: when I’m able to create ‘something with ‘nothing”. You can agree/disagree but believe...
Painting Light (sold)20150205131122

Painting Light (sold)

February 5, 20150 comments
Painting Light in Winter at the Beach The Light in Winter might be the best light there is. It’s yellowish, the sun low above the horizon.  SA1...
Painting a Big Seascape (sold)20150202131630

Painting a Big Seascape (sold)

February 2, 20151 comment
Painting a Big Seascape on a Very dull/overcast Day At the scene I really thought nothing, just painting in doubt. Later on, I knew I had done somethi...
Seascape Autumn Sun (sold)20150201144942

Seascape Autumn Sun (sold)

February 1, 20150 comments
SA07-2014 “Autumn Sun” – Sold oil on canvas, 60×40 cm | 23.6″ x 15.7″ 2014 http://roosschuring.com/masterclasses...
Big Seascape Painting (sold)20150129114427

Big Seascape Painting (sold)

January 29, 20151 comment
Big Seascape “Shade and Sun” A fairly clear day, luckily I got inspired by a few hazy white flocks of cloud drifting by :) Blue all over i...
Wassenaar Boat Race (sold)20150110133426

Wassenaar Boat Race (sold)

January 10, 20150 comments
Wassenaar Beach Boat Race A Summer’s Day, the big attraction here were sailboats speeding by. I never have posted this due to holiday interrupti...
How to Paint Water and Sand20150109205833

How to Paint Water and Sand

January 9, 20150 comments
How to Paint Water and Sand and Light reflecting on Water Remember what I talked about in a previous post, about the area where water and sand intermi...
Seascape Cloud (sold)20150108120550

Seascape Cloud (sold)

January 8, 20150 comments
Seascape Cloud This Seascape was the reason I now created the Italian frames to be a floater also. This one couldn’t be without 3 mm round. Funn...
Big Seascape Clouds in Autumn (sold)20150106121554

Big Seascape Clouds in Autumn (sold)

January 6, 20150 comments
Big Seascape Clouds I really think clouds should be painted directly, face to face, eye to eye I often say, to see their movement and colors, so you c...
Seascape Horse and Birds Rainy Day20150105124956

Seascape Horse and Birds Rainy Day

January 5, 20150 comments
Intermixing An important thing about creating seascapes is how you would handle the area where the sand touches the water. Or where the water creates ...
Umbrella Day (sold)20150104124917

Umbrella Day (sold)

January 4, 20150 comments
This one was painted during the Masterclass last October. I think this one was the demo, that I do finish throughout the day I am teaching. :) Some ot...
Seascape Autumn Series begins here (sold)20141226140724

Seascape Autumn Series begins here (sold)

December 26, 20141 comment
Happy Second Christmas Day everyone! SA01-2014 “Fishermen” Sold oil on canvas, 24×30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ 2014...
An Artist Today20141111002319

An Artist Today

November 11, 20140 comments
I think not many people realize what ‘Painting’ is, or ‘being a painter’. Sometimes I have people participate in a MasterClass...
Seascape California 11 View at Whalers Cove (sold)20141104102458

Seascape California 11 View at Whalers Cove (sold)

November 4, 20140 comments
Seascape California 11 The day begun gray and foggy. After a while I said “Hey guys we might be better off painting the view to the right, look ...
Seascape California 1020141029234611
Cityscape California 7 (sold)20141026125931