Cloud Reflections – Zeegezicht20180215164502

Cloud Reflections – Zeegezicht

Morning Cloud Reflections and Horse Carriage. Before you put your easel in the middle of the beach, just walk over to the water. Very often there̵...
Seascape in Storm – Zeegezicht20180211160938

Seascape in Storm – Zeegezicht

Stormy Day and Horse Carriage I’m at my best when the weather turns extreme. There are many benefits you know :) 1) The biggest, of course, the ...
Seascape Horses and Grey Beach – Zeegezicht (sold)20180210190334

Seascape Horses and Grey Beach – Zeegezicht (sold)

Horses and Grey Beach. In my classes at the beach, I start each morning with a demo. This painting started as a demo. I always talk about Dividing the...
Seascape Pink Cloud – Zeegezicht20180210114630

Seascape Pink Cloud – Zeegezicht

Pink Cloud and Sun Effect This view was painted just before the rain. Often these moments bring new ideas, which you can use in the future again. Her...
Any Weather is a Go – Zeegezicht20180121154300

Any Weather is a Go – Zeegezicht

Shrimp Boat and Stormy Day. People passed by saying “Hey you can paint that shrimp boat in.” And so I did. This was a stormy day, bits of ...
Best Skies Before or After Rain! (sold)20180119163500

Best Skies Before or After Rain! (sold)

Bright Sky and Clouds. The Best skies are visible right before or right after Rain. Pay attention to it, do you see it? It’s different from othe...
Seascape Cyclone – Zeegezicht20180117212500

Seascape Cyclone – Zeegezicht

Little Rain Cyclone. Fun how these small seamless unimportant details can become the painting. I looked to the left and saw this rain cyclone hanging ...
Sunset Seascape – Zeegezicht20180104184600

Sunset Seascape – Zeegezicht

“Paint it Now”. So, yes, there IS divine intervention. :) When you STOP everything and DECIDE to go painting :) True right! We should all ...
Seascape Sunny – Zeegezicht (sold)20171208103800

Seascape Sunny – Zeegezicht (sold)

Kids in Sunny Afternoon and Kites Back to Blogging! It’s been far too long and I know of course. In the coming weeks I’ll show new Seascap...
Yellows Enter Blues and Purples20170518160243

Yellows Enter Blues and Purples

May 18, 20171 comment
Yellows enter Blues and Purples – Marina at Dawn San Diego. Most of you know I teach and preach a lot of ‘Return to the Similar Spot Again...
Japanese Orchid Shade and Light20170516143415

Japanese Orchid Shade and Light

May 16, 20171 comment
Alcazar Garden – Japanese Orchid. Here below a video about the painting day in Balboa Park. I edited in many friends and colleagues. You might l...
Overcast Pleasures Tree and View on Grays20170514133833

Overcast Pleasures Tree and View on Grays

May 14, 20174 comments
Overcast Pleasures. I call this ‘Overcast Pleasures’ because that’s what it is. The joy of making ‘something of nothing’...
Nighttime Lights Marina20170512174628

Nighttime Lights Marina

May 12, 20170 comments
Earliest Morning View – Nighttime Lights. Tedd joined me in painting the earliest of early mornings. Most mornings I would wake at 4.30. Told ye...
Golden Light – Marina Morning View (sold)20170508145018

Golden Light – Marina Morning View (sold)

May 8, 20178 comments
High Key Gold. I’ve added 50+ more pictures extra in these 8 posts about the #pleinairconvention ! The next day I drove to Seascape village at 5...
Nocturne ‘Palm Trees and Lights’20170504161854

Nocturne ‘Palm Trees and Lights’

Coming to San Diego. The traveling towards San Diego was the hard part..the preparing for my talk at PACE 2017 took a decent amount of time and then t...
Seascape ‘Fascinating Creamy White Clouds’20170428171854

Seascape ‘Fascinating Creamy White Clouds’

April 28, 20170 comments
Seascape ‘Fascinating Creamy White Clouds’ Getting lucky: seeing these dark clouds, accentuating the light blue, the cream of morning clou...
Seascape ‘Bad Weather and Surfers Glory'(sold)20170426171854

Seascape ‘Bad Weather and Surfers Glory'(sold)

April 26, 20171 comment
Bad Weather and Surfers Glory Nothing like plein-air-sacrifice :) I probably wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for the Masterclass, but...
The Color Blue20170424171854

The Color Blue

April 24, 20171 comment
The Color Blue – ‘Horse Under Big Sky’ I know I’ve shown you this one before, because it’s featured on my wall calendar ...
Seascape ‘Dog Running Walker and Light’ (sold)20170422173053

Seascape ‘Dog Running Walker and Light’ (sold)

April 22, 20170 comments
Dog Running Walker and Light Fun how you can paint 1 spot, here the area next to/in the water so many times and so many different results. That’...
Sunny Morning at the Beach (sold)20170407153950

Sunny Morning at the Beach (sold)

April 7, 20172 comments
Sunny Morning at the Beach I’m now teaching at the beach, the second class for 2017. This is a view we sometimes get: the creamy whites & p...