Sunrise & Snow20171230205013

Sunrise & Snow

Catching it! Here all snow had vanished in the time I started and ended the painting. The beauty of the landscape changing 180 degrees :) see it’...
Morning Colors Snow (sold)20171227182444

Morning Colors Snow (sold)

Painting during Sunrise. This painting was created in the early morning. Here in the blog post you’ll find the palette and scene pictures. We...
It’s Snowing20171225163907

It’s Snowing

Painting in Snow & Snow in Paint. FIRST OFF: MERRY CHRISTMAS! – As always, below in these posts you’ll find the palette or scene pics ...
Snow & Evening (sold)20171223155531

Snow & Evening (sold)

Evening View – Snow and Sky. –>Often, the more beautiful a moment is, the more it will bring fear you can’t get it, in time, or a...
Nocturne Snow Landscape (sold)20171221181847

Nocturne Snow Landscape (sold)

Evening View & Windmill Lights – Nocturne Snow This nocturne in snow was created at that first day of snow. I started a bit too late. It gav...
Happy with the First Snow20171219171828

Happy with the First Snow

First Snow and Windmill. Couldn’t believe my luck, first flakes dropped just as I had finished the shop. And then you still think: “ItR...
Garden View Sun and Snow (sold)20170420111545

Garden View Sun and Snow (sold)

April 20, 20170 comments
Garden View Sun and Snow. Doesn’t happen often that I drop everything to paint ‘pleinair’ in the living room, but I did this time. (...
Sunrise & Snow (sold)20170331143419

Sunrise & Snow (sold)

March 31, 20170 comments
Sunrise & Snow This is the last one Sunrise & Snow painting. I will wait til next year to have a go at it again. I love the combination. Here ...
Evening Sun and Snow (sold)20170329145559

Evening Sun and Snow (sold)

March 29, 20174 comments
Evening Sun and Snow I’ve painted at this same spot before years ago. It’s a great place for an evening sun and vast views on snow. Here b...
Sunrise Snow – Color Notes20170326154809

Sunrise Snow – Color Notes

March 26, 20174 comments
Sunrise Snow – Color Notes Very few people know I was a photorealistic painter a long long time ago. You might understand therefore I don’...
Patterns of Grass and Snow Remains20170323154816

Patterns of Grass and Snow Remains

March 23, 20170 comments
Patterns of Grass and Snow Towards the total disappearing of the snow I painted one more time at this spot, patterns of grass, light and dark, white, ...
Trees and Sunrise (sold)20170321142623

Trees and Sunrise (sold)

March 21, 20172 comments
Trees and Sunrise A darker variation of the Sunrise, trees and snow. With this subject you can go as dark or as light as you want to. The twilight sti...
Snow and Sun – Shades from Trees (sold)20170319154539

Snow and Sun – Shades from Trees (sold)

March 19, 20174 comments
Snow and Sun – Shades from Trees This is a great spot where I often return to when there’s snow. With the sun in the back, the light hits ...
Sun Through Trees and Snow20170319134352

Sun Through Trees and Snow

March 19, 20170 comments
Sunrise Through Trees + Snow Then I wanted to capture the sunrise with snow. Got lucky as the mornings started bright and I could find a spot with Tre...
Snow in Bright Morning Sun (sold)20170318134504

Snow in Bright Morning Sun (sold)

March 18, 20170 comments
Welcoming the Sun’s effect on Snow Here a Sunday morning bright light on snow and my favorite windmill. Love this one! These unexpected white da...
The Color of Snow Before Dawn (sold)20170310142818

The Color of Snow Before Dawn (sold)

March 10, 20170 comments
The Purple Color of Morning Here I wanted to paint the purplish light on snow in the blue hour before the sunrise. It’s a blessing when you can ...
Snow & Overcast Weather20170308202515

Snow & Overcast Weather

March 8, 20170 comments
Snow & Overcast Weather The second painting I did was also created during these first overcast days. This is also a longer size. Just experimenti...
Totally Not Expected This20170306163346

Totally Not Expected This

March 6, 201715 comments
And Then There Was Snow! The white vast horizon, reason for the first snow painting of the season. Too bad the blizzard started again while painting, ...
Painting Snow in Shade (sold)20161227124837

Painting Snow in Shade (sold)

December 27, 20160 comments
Painting Snow in Shade. To paint this painting I drove 5 hours to be able to find snow. Crazy! And yes if the pressure is high because of the long jo...
Painting Sheep & Merry Christmas! (sold)20161225130152

Painting Sheep & Merry Christmas! (sold)

December 25, 20161 comment
Wishing you Merry Christmas!!    Which partly is (at least it’s for me) The Celebration of the (Returning of the) Light after the Winter ...