Video: How to Get the Most out of Your Painting Talent

5 Big Reasons

I share this with you because I used to 'suck at' outdoor painting, even when I was an 'established photo-realistic studio painter', I did! I know it's just a different ballgame. ...I stood on the boulevard, trashing my painting in the nearest trash-bin.

But I also found, sticking with it, there was a point, and I remember it very well, where I could get the painting I saw in my mind's eye. This was around 2007. So it took me to again about 5 to 7 years get the same results out of doors, as I could indoors. Of course, you'll always improve and development always goes upwards. Just put in the time & stick with it!

Today I can't (Can Not!) create the 'same' powerful painting indoors, as I can seeing Nature 'eye to eye'.
So that's why I am sharing this with you. There's so much 'magic' in outdoor painting. I know it's certainly not for all, some just 'perform' better in their studio, or working from memory, pictures, fantasy. But if you think this is for you, I say, 'Just do it'! And do persist! A lot of success to you!

Roos Schuring

Hi to you! I’m Roos Schuring,
a plein air painter from the Netherlands..

“Painting is my life and living. My home is my office and in nature you’ll find my studio.”

Happy Painting!

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