Hi! I’m Roos Schuring

If you want to find the BIO go all the way down. I personally don’t care so much about BIOs, it’s Painting that I care about!

"You can Romanticize it but Outdoor Painting does have its Challenges :)"

Outdoor Painting...

in Snow...


in Storm...


in Rain...


or Shine

Fussing with the Elements and Racing Against Time!

For most Painters, it’s unappealing to be outside of the comfort from the Studio, but Being Outdoors and Painting what you See might be The Secret Key to Painting Great Landscapes.
I think it is. For me it is.

It’s why  I do what I do.
Because the Rewards are So Big!

Last year I wrote the book ‘PleinairMastery’. It is a practical book about How to Master and Embrace the Magic of Outdoor Painting. About Painting More Prolific, about How to Motivate Yourself, How to Find Subjects, Improving Brushwork, Sizes, Equipment, All Gear, How to Improve Speed, Style, Improving Color, Maximize the Use of Light, and so much more!


‘PleinairMastery – Painting in Flow of the Moment’

Text & Audio + Video options:
Find it here

Most of you who like my work like it for the ‘looseness’, ‘directness’ or ‘freedom’ you sense. If you want to incorporate it in your own work: If this is you: get my book!

You don’t even have to read it :) I know from experience, I like listening to audiobooks when I’m cooking, doing the dishes. Well, this book cheapest option is the audio files + text video files and you can -123- download the audio to your phone and start :) Go here to access it.

I Help Painters Get The Most Out Of Their Painting Development

Find Painting Video Teaching here: How I Paint -Seascapes, – Clouds – The Sunrise or – Cows & Land.

Because Progress Makes Happy Painters!



ABOUT: Roos Schuring is a contemporary plein air artist living in The Netherlands.

“In the last 30+ years of painting, I found what makes me most happy. Outdoor painting is a synergy between nature and painting resulting in surprise and exponential growth. This keeps it all very interesting to me.”

Her work is loved and collected by people from all over the world. Stories and articles, in books, magazines and newspapers show a very passionate artist and weather tv has been fond of the extreme plein air circumstances which didn’t keep her from painting in rain, storm, and snow, to capture these beautiful rare and quick changing moments. “I witness the changes of each season in detail and I love each. I paint ‘en plein air’ all year round.” More about Roos Schuring via roosschuring.com.

TEACHING: Educating Artists (aspiring and advanced) started over a decade ago. In my teaching I see Artists give up way too soon. I think I’d like to offer artists the help in believing they can and by not letting go, staying positive in all of this. Because I know from experience, being talented is just the first step: you’ll just need to put in the time & dedicate time to practice and to be free to experiment, to find the rewards after. Even when you’ve mastered indoor painting, getting similar results out of doors will need time & practice. I share my knowledge in Online + Live Painting Courses here: youareamasterpainter.com_________________________________________________________

EDUCATION: School of Fine Arts, Utrecht 1997 Graphic Design

BOOKS/LITERATURE: •PleinairMastery- Painting in Flow of the Moment – Theory Book for Painters (2018) •100 Seascapes ‘Sky, Clouds & Light’ (new series replaces the old) Monograph 2018 •50 Seascapes vol.5 – Monograph (2016) •Paintings with Cows vol. 1 (2015) •Grenzeloos Schilderachtig (Boundlessly Picturesque) (2015) •Schilders aan de Nieuwe Waterweg (2014) •50 Seascapes vol.1,2,3,4 – Monographs (2014) •Haags! Negen kunstenaars zien Den Haag. (2013) •Ter Plekke – 9 Plein air Painters (2012) •View on Dutch Lowlands – 50 contemporary Dutch Artists (2012) •Artacucina (2012, 2015, 2017) •Katwijk in de schilderkunst (2011) •De Oude Kerk Geschilderd, Katwijks Museum (2010) •Volendam Kunstenaarsdorp – Het Erfgoed van Hotel Spaander (2009) •Volendam ‘En plein air’ (2007) •Katwijk ‘En plein air’ geschilderd (2006)

AWARDS: •Artist’s Choice Award – Carmel Art Festival 2013 •Rembrandt Painting Award 2004 •2nd Prize Holland Casino Kunstplein 2005 •1st Prize Talens Portrait 2002 •1st Prizes in Graphic Design 1995-1997

IN COLLECTIONS/PUBLIC •Museum Tromp’s Huys Vlieland •Katwijks Museum Katwijk •CWI Gemeente Amsterdam •Tandheelkundig Centrum Volendam •Hotel Spaander Volendam •SBK Friesland

IN COLLECTIONS/PRIVATE •Netherlands, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China.

SPEAKING •Speaker+Demo at Main Stage during PleinAirConvention 2017 – San Diego